3 Reasons to Retrofit: Benefits of Upgrading to "Green" Lighting

Energy saving lightbulbWith many people now concerned about the effects of climate change, being more environmentally-friendly is now the “in” thing today. That’s why many people are also considering retrofitting their homes or buildings to have “greener” lighting systems. However, if helping to save the environment is not enough of a reason, here are 3 reasons why it’s a must:

1.       Less energy consumed, more savings.

Of course, other than helping save the world, this is the biggest reason to retrofit. By using energy efficient lighting like LED bulbs, instead of old incandescent ones, property owners get to save a lot on their electricity bill. And these green lighting fixtures also last longer than their traditional counterparts.

However, these savings are not always available upfront, as some green lighting parts may be pricier than regular ones. Hence, retrofitting should be seen as an investment, as the savings come in the long run.

2.       Same classic look with better technology.

Many people argue that instead of retrofitting, property owners should just completely replace the entire lighting system with new fixtures. However, not everything that’s new is automatically good. The aesthetics of the building should be also considered.

For example, a brand-new lighting system won’t match the looks of a heritage building, or an establishment seeking to recreate a rustic vibe. Hence, a compromise can be sought by retrofitting—keep the vintage look of lighting, while making the most out of new lighting technologies.

3.       Easier installation and maintenance.

With retrofitting, there’s no need to replace the entire lighting system. Hence, it requires less time and less effort to retrofit as there’s an effort to make energy-efficient components work with the existing electrical system. There is no need to pull out all of the building’s current wiring and replace them.

Maintenance is also made easier with retrofitting. For starters, one of the biggest challenges with simply maintaining an old lighting fixture is the scarcity of parts. Older parts can be very hard to find. And even if the parts are available, they may not always be cheap. On top of that, personnel who have the skills to maintain such an old system can be also hard to find.

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