Reduce Electricity Consumption with These Simple Tips

Already 15 years into the 2000's, mankind has taken technology to grand new heights; creating an array of sophisticated gadgets that make living our daily lives easier with every push of a button. Tasks that were once done separately, such as sending emails, making phone calls, and taking photographs, can now be done with one gadget – the smartphone. Cooking is much faster and easier because there are machines that do the cutting, grinding, and mixing for you. Many of today’s technologies are designed to accomplish things in a blink of an eye; what was once an arduous task done by humans, is now being executed by the whizzes and whirrings of machines.

Technological advancements, however, also come with their own share of ups and downs. In order for some machines to work in today’s environment, they require being able to run with power, and the cost of living with electricity does not come cheap. One way to survive the ever shifting waves of the economy is to lower the cost of living. In today’s society, where prices of primary goods keep going up, there are simple things that you can practice in order to reduce household energy consumption.

Easy Ways to Lower Electricity Costs

Electricity might be a powerful consumer of the dollar, but that doesn’t mean that the current could not be controlled; here are a few ways to reduce the costs of living with electricity.

reminder that reducing energy cost is an excellent idea1. Be Mindful When Using Your Appliances

Completely closing refrigerator doors, and turning off electric fans and air conditioners that are not in use, are simple actions that are big tools for saving power. Wasted electricity generates a hefty electric bill, and that is what you are trying to avoid.

2. Learn How To Compromise

There are certain appliances at home that eat up a lot of energy. Yes, it is comfortable to feel the cold air tickle your feet, especially during the days of summer, and smell the newly washed clothes that just came out of the dryer; but big appliances like air-conditioners, washing machines, and dryers consume a lot of energy. From time to time, it's well advised to switch from using air-conditioners to fans until you adapt to using electric fans almost every night. Hand washing and air drying your clothes can become tedious, but this method does not consume electricity, and gives you a workout at the same time. 

3. Install Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Installing energy efficient light bulbs costs more, but saves you the time, effort, and energy from continuously replacing drained out bulbs. These bulbs use 25%-80% less energy than the traditional light bulbs, and last 25 times longer.

4. Inspect the electrical wirings of your home

In some cases, sudden electrical surges are caused by damaged electrical wirings, or the sudden turning on and off of high powered electrical devices like the air-conditioner. When you are presented with this type of situation, the smartest way to prevent these types of occurrences is to have surge protection devices installed. This suppresses the limit of volts supplied to an electric device by shorting or blocking unwanted voltages safely.

5. Upgrade Your Appliances

Thanks to modern technology, energy saving appliances are readily available for purchasing. Upgrading your appliances can be an expensive transition, but the energy saving benefits you get significantly last longer.

6. Go Outside

Staying indoors, where televisions, internet connections, and radios are present, persuades you to use them. Getting some fresh air relieves you from being tempted to turn them on, and improves your social, mental, and physical health.

Following these simple actions build a healthy habit. From this habit, your energy consumption dramatically changes from overuse to balanced use; giving a new name to living the comfortable life.

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