Updated Breaker Panel 

An updated breaker panel replacement was installed at a residential home in Dallas, TX.

A homeowner called to have us check out "lights that were flickering." A Zinsco Panel had a burned bus bar where the breaker was situated.

The Zinsco Panel is widely considered to be obsolete, due to being deemed to be unsafe. Another common problem with this panel is that the connection between the panel and breaker has a tendency to fail. Zinsco electrical equipment is also problematic because of a design flaw in which the circuit breaker's connection to the bus bar can become loose, causing arcing and subsequent overheating. Long term exposure to this heat can cause the breaker to fuse to the bus bar, making it impossible to remove. This can cause the breaker's contacts to fuse together, thus preventing the breaker from tripping even in an overcurrent situation, thereby causing a potential fire hazard. We had seen this problem before and knew the remedy. We promptly replaced the panel/equipment with a 200 amp Cutler Hammer brand panel. The grounding was updated and we installed a whole house surge protector.

This multi-faceted approach led to another happy customer!

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