Troubleshooting and Repair in McKinney, Plano, Garland, Richardson, and Allen, TX

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Many businesses often face huge expenses for the troubleshooting or repair of their primary wiring or power supply outlets. That should not be the case. More often than not, inexperienced or untrained technicians are hired to fix the problem, leading to possibly more serious damage and costly future maintenance.

Faulty fuse boxes and aged electrical wirings are just some of the most common causes of electrical issues in a business establishment. Weather, humidity and corrosion may also slowly damage the electrical systems. Not to mention rats or other pests. Ignoring them or choosing the wrong team of electricians may lead to more severe problems. We understand how you do business, and we can find a better solution to match your standards.

Pettett Electric is here to help with the setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance of your establishment’s electrical system. We provide all types of commercial electrical troubleshooting for commercial facilities whether it’s a small shop or a huge shopping center.

It does not matter if the issue is with your electrical outlets, lighting installations, switches, circuit breaker, or any electrical device that is not functioning properly. We can fix them all. Our electricians are industry experts who take great pride in their work. We resolve any problem, no matter how challenging it may be.  Our certified Electrical equipment for repairelectricians have been doing this for years and are ready to face any unexpected issues that may come up. Our highly skilled team can be speedily deployed onsite to identify effective and quick solutions to fix any problems or provide any needed repair in your establishment. We are dedicated to providing reliable quality service as evidenced by the thousands of customers we have served over our many years of operation.

We at Pettett Electric understand that the business has to keep going no matter what. That is why we aim to provide high quality service that will not interfere with your normal business operations. Our goal is to ensure that the business will keep going while we focus on the resolving the problem, as we understand that lost hours mean lost revenue.

Electrical problems may come up at unexpected times. That is why we offer fast resolution that is just within your fingertips. Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to listen and provide an estimate.

Pettett Electric is here and ready to serve you. Just give us a call and rest assured that your business is in good hands. Contact us now at 972-388-3560.